Current Education System

Education system in India has gone through a number of changes since past few years. In the ancient times education was based more on religious and cultural issues and was imparted orally by the sages through the Gurukul system. The present system of education was introduced and founded by the British in the 20th century.

As per the present education system, the biggest challenge is to give the children education that helps in an overall development of the child to enable him to survive in this competitive world. A number of problems are still prevailing in the education system of which we all are a part. The normal school hours are six hours, but, the actual learning takes place for around two hours. Teachers spend too much time assigning work that requires no real thought and teaches no real lesson.  In spite of the implementation of CCE (continuous and comprehensive evaluation system) in most of the schools, the schools still follow rote learning methods rather than imparting practical knowledge to students. Emphasis on memorizing certain paragraphs from books and evaluation on the basis of "bookish knowledge" still persist. The examination system induces the students to prepare them for certain subjects but real talent of students cannot be assessed. The learners who are research minded are not able to perform well in the examinations even if they are more intellectual than the rest who are good in cramming. Another imperative problem prevailing in our education system is regarding homework which is totally based on just copying answers and definitions from the textbook.

Teaching in schools should be such, where the learner is not given knowledge; instead, knowledge should be taken out from him/her. The word Education itself comes from the word "Educere" which means to bring out what is already in and not just blindly stuff in. Education should be based on application and intelligence instead of trying to test memory of knowledge. Imagination is more important than knowledge and a child should be given freedom to imagine and think of creative ways of learning. Each child should be guided correctly to choose an occupation in life where he/she is going to spend majority of waking hours in future. Real education is the education that enables an individual to take out what is unique in him/her. Education must impart vocational knowledge and inculcate values to respect all vocations. Homework given should be something which is more research based rather than just copying and writing.

To summarise, present education system has gone through lot of improvements but, still a more practical approach is required for the overall development of the child. It is the responsibility of each individual who is a part of the education system to actively contribute towards this common goal because as each seed grows into a tree, each child grows into an individual helping the society in their own unique way.

~by Arti Makhija, NSH, Delhi