One Earth, One Humankind                       

May I have the privilege and honour of sharing this thought with you today..

Imagine What if...

What if, we categorise the Human race based only on their intellectual knowledge and skill? Could we see this as a possibility... Let me re-wipe our lenses and lets look deeper.

Today we have the Watsup community / FB community, where people think alike and share alike.. That’s a good news..! So, we all seem to blend under one profile or one thought.

Similarly let’s try n bind the Human community on a much wider and higher scale than this.

Rather than we going about creating barriers between religion/ race/ language / class / creed / minority / majority and so on....

We could re-look and strategise the whole concept at an Universal level based on the individual's set of skills possesed by each of us .

Can we raise the bar above the barriers and walls built around us???

Most of us are engaged in either one of these following professions, namely,

Agricultural / Manufacturing / Service oriented sectors

I guess it would be easier, if we match our skills/profession to relate/ assess ourselves closer to these sectors (rather than relating ourselves to the deep rooted religious faith/ class-creed /dialect etc.) We need to get rid of the religious barriers and invisible walls around us.

We all are familiar with this adage- Dood ka Dood and Pani ka Pani. What does this specify?

i.e. may we let Milk remain as Milk and may H2O remain as H2O in their purest form..

Both posses their own importance and values. Let's not adulterate Milk with Water and vice- versa... This would dilute the power of productivity, within both the products. Agreed?

So, when this is the outcome for milk and water, imagine what would we as humans face when confronted with day to day adulterations and unwanted thoughts in our minds. Won't our level of productivity be hampered and scattered. Please do think for a moment...

The level of productivity possessed within each of us is compromised when we mix religion / language / faith/ culture/ creed etc. to our day to day professional affairs. The root of all the confusion begins from here, when our inner properties possessed by our minds begin diluting with our day to day life affairs and importantly with that of our fellow beings. For, on many occasions, we distract our thoughts and question our own abilities along with those working with us. 

Let's not mix religion/ race/ language with that of our profession/ abilities and aspirations (Doodh ka doodh / Pani ka pani). 

I would like to site few examples to highlight the bottom line of my article, we could club the varied community of professionals (unlike all agriculturists across nations as one community & class/ can all the engineers across nations be considered as one community and class/ can all doctors be considered as one community and class/ people from different educational, academic streams to be considered as one community/ we require one community of teachers /we require one community of artists / we require one community of the labour & work force....and so on. This will help us channelize our resources in one direction.

After all, its only when you hold the magnifying glass under the Sun , can you concentrate all the energy and light of the mighty Sun to generate the required heat and kindle a flame! Agreed?

We all need that similar magnifying glass in our lives today. This would further help us converge together at one point on various aspects and issues we face in our day to day professions, it will help us bring about positive solutions, assess our progress/ efficiency and oneness in life.

I don’t think that we have the right or wrong side to our lives, the good or bad shades in our lives, the pretty or ugly images in anyone's lives, the bright or dark phases in our lives. All that matters is our perception/balance towards this one and unique life form, along with our maturity and the sound understanding or scientific knowledge that each one posses.

We all interpret various events happening around us everyday. You may interpret better because you posses better understanding of that event, on the other hand I may not interpret as good as you due to my lack of my understanding or the knowledge of that event.

We are loosing out of precious time and the energy within each of us. We have to adapt to a newer perception, for our better tomorrow.

Do you agree?

The scientific skills possessed by an Engineer in our country, would match with the skill sets of other Engineers outside our country. The scientific skills possessed by a good teacher in our country, would match with those good teachers of other countries. (We all begin by learning A,B,C and 1,2,3... isn't it? ) The political power of our politicians would equal to those belonging to different countries. So where exactly is the difference occurring in whose mind is the difference occurring? It's a well known mystery. We need to stop feeding the ego in us and begin nurturing the hopes within us.

It's not sufficient alone to harvest the natural resources of this planet.

We do also require harnessing of human resources throughout this planet... Please do think once again. Where are we heading from here.

After all, we live on the same planet! and not on different planets...

So, why not live as one...

~by Kinni Jana, NSH, Chennai