ORIGINAL! Do you think anything in these times is original? Whatever comes to your mind also comes from something you thought earlier somewhere, somehow. Start from the very basic necessity of all living beings, i.e. food. Think about any new dish that your mother must have tried at home when she was experimenting in the kitchen. She took the recipe of one of the common dish she used to make every second day of her cooking life and added or deleted some of the ingredients, increased or decreased the degree of flame required and served a new dish, garnished it with some new topping. Can somebody say that this dish is original? Things which were worn by the celebrities in the 70’s are again worn with little more mix and match, is it original? Even an idea that comes to your mind is originated from some experience or idea generated by somebody in the past, so even the great ideas can also be not called as fully original. So next time you come across with somebody who says to be original, give it a minute to think, is it really ORIGINAL!

~by Arti Makhija, NSH, Delhi